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ICE Watchdog

ICE Vahtikoira


There is at the moment four different Icewatchdog-application:


A: ICE info (plus)

 - shows ICE contact info (and other infos ) at phones notification,  also when the phone is locked. So emergency persons or other helpers are able to see that info if you can't communicate with them in case of emergency.

- notifications you can totally free write

- possible to use Emojis, bold, underline, colors


B: ICE Watchdog

- basic function is to monitor motion of the phone, if no motion during x hours (night time excluded), max three friends are alarmed by SMS.

- suitable to all alone livings persons

- many other functions

     - possible to use wireless bluetooth button

    - homelocation monitoring

    - sport mode, shorter monitoring time


C: Cottage Watchdog

 - monitors temperature of the cottage or other building

-  possible to use also as burglar alarm system

- alarm by SMS


D: Junior ICE Watchdog

- monitors phone and internet usage, and also bed time

- disturbs screen when time limits broken

- remote control for guardian







- these don't include any virus or malware's, don't call or send SMS any other number as defined by you in the app.

- same as PlayStoren version. but include also RECEIVE_SMS permission which needed for remote control function.


A: ICE info

    Download V1.1


B1: ICE Watchdog

     Download V4.71


B2: ICE Watchdog, midi (simple version)

    Download V1.4


C: Cottage Watchdog

     Download V1.40


D1: Junior Watchdog

     Download V1.70


D2: Junior Watchdog, guardian app

    Download V1.31





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